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the inception

Veloce Life was formed with a simple yet ambitious vision in mind. We wanted to unite all the car lovers across the nation as one cohesive community. Great things happen when we come together. We aim to grow a nationwide tribe of passionate car fans that want to connect, learn, and access opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. 

our goal

Our main goal is to entertain you. To bring boundless joy into your life through supporting the world of motorsports with our services. We aim to be the fastest growing communities of passionate car lovers. We’re doing everything we can to make the world of automotive and motorsport just that little bit sweeter for it’s fanatic.


our community

If you love cars as much as we do then you’re welcome aboard. We welcome anyone and everyone that has any kind of passion for cars old or new, hybrid or electric, super or classic. All the while maintaining the rich roots of the car’s heritage by staying true to its values. Our community will have access to all our events, from monthly road trips and flagship events to exclusive interviews with key leaders in the automotive industry as well as a dazzling range of exclusive products.

our values



We will always strive to reach the highest quality of expertise and professionalism in everything we do.



 Our aim is to completely obliterate the boundaries of the norm and create an unforgettable experience that’s completely unheard of.



Expertise is at the core of everything we do.



 Our passion for the sport shows in the work we do. We’ll never sell you short and will always bring the most  unadulterated experience possible.



We quite simply love what we do. If we don’t believe 100% in something, then we won’t do it.



There’s strength in numbers. By connecting everyone involved in the sport we believe we can make a much bigger impact.

our founder

Faisal Binladen

Faisal Binladen, an architect by trade, and a racer by passion. Faisal’s love for cars has led him to start in the sector as a founder, CEO, and racer for the Saudi Falcons, one of the country's most iconic racing teams. In his career of over a decade he’s competed in 264 races, appeared at 166 podiums and won 93 races. He has won multiple awards and served as one of the teams most vital players in their wild success. On top of all this he handled everything from operating and managing the team to marketing them.


In 2014 he formed WSF Creative, an automotive filming and photography firm. The organisation helped tell impactful stories from the motorsports scene that have inspired thousands. Fast forward to 2018 and he finally formed Veloce Life. This is his most ambitious project to date. A nationwide community of car lovers that comes together through major events. He continues to make his mark in the world of motorsport through a relentless drive to bring endless value to the thing he loves the most. Car racing.

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